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You can register as an Authorized Distributor, join our Fantastic Angels Team and start selling ACE right away!

I Am Running a Fabulous Special Right Now!

If you register as an Associate for as little as $59 +sh/tax, you will receive a 60 ct bottle of ACE*, 7 of the 2 capsule Sample Pack and as a Special Gift from me - you will also receive a GORGEOUS Bling Water Bottle! Hurry! Offer only good while supplies last.

There are SEVEN ways to make money as a Saba Associate! You can purchase products at the wholesale price and sell at Retail, plus you'll make Bonuses and Commissions on your Sales and for signing up your own Associates and Preferred Customers! There are NEVER any quotas or contracts. You can work as little or as much as you please. I will help you to become successful!

It is simple to Enroll. You can either call me and I can take your info over the phone or you can enroll online here:

*New Saba Trim Pro Now available!!! Enroll at

You will choose one of the following 4 Business Kits to begin:

$59 Starter Pack: The Natural ACE Weight-Loss Starter Kit includes 1 bottle of Natural ACE, 7 – 2 count trial packs and more, and is a good way to get your business started.

$109 Starter Pack Plus: Natural ACE Weight-Loss Starter Plus Kit includes 2 – 60 count bottles of Natural ACE and 14 – 2 count trial packs, offering a better way to build your business.

$235 Accelerator Pack: Natural ACE Weight-Loss Accelerator Kit includes 6 – 60 count bottles of Natural ACE, giving you everything needed to kick start your health regimen and your business.

$435 Momentum Pack*: Natural ACE Weight-Loss Momentum Kit includes 12 – 60 count bottles of Natural ACE, and is the best way to build your business. Plus you now qualify for Momentum Pay, which offers FOUR generations of matching bonus after you enroll only four new qualified team members!

*Best Value

Next, Choose Your AutoShip (not charged until it ships a month after your enrollment):

$50 AutoShip, Qualifies You For 10% Pay Leg Commissions


1 – 60 count bottle Natural ACE & 7 – 2 packs

$100 AutoShip*, Qualifies You For ALL Levels Of Commissions, plus you will be able to be included in our Bonus Pools!


2 – 60 count bottles Natural ACE & 14 – 2 packs

*Best Value

Once you have submitted your enrollment, I will email to you the receipt for your order and the username and password for your Saba site. This is where you will place your orders and learn about the Company!

Your order will be shipped out right away and you will be on your way! Please note that there are several ways to reduce the cost of your price per bottle once you are a Distributor!! I will show you how. :-)

I am so happy that I found this product! I knew from the first day that I tried it that I wanted to be involved with it because it really did give me fabulous energy and it really did get rid of my cravings. I just wanted to share it with everyone, lol! I have now been involved with the Company for about 4 months, and I could not be more impressed with Saba. They really care about us as Distributors and we are a close knit group of people...the private Facebook groups are really fun and informative.

My Sister and I just started doing Trade Shows and BOY are they FUN. We have a lot of tips that we can share with you if you decide this is something that you'd like to try. Here's a video of our booth!

Here is the Saba Compensation Plan for your information, FYI!

Here's that registration link again!

Join us today! We look forward to adding YOU as our Newest ACE Angel! :-)

Please give me a call anytime at (832) 272-4586 if you have any questions!

Wishing you all the best,


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Authorized Distributor

ACE Appetite Control & Energy

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